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Altered Album Covers

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oh Deep Purle :)

I can see why you though I could know it Seeker, but unfortunately I do not own many albums. I started my collection about a year ago.

I don't know the next one either :(

There is two reasons I've seen a boat-load of album covers, In 1968 my five older brothers (aged 13-17) had amassing an enormous record collection between them and their friends that for the next 10 years I would paw through. Second, in the 70's (a teenager myself) I would hangout at the record stores and flip through them for hours.

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Mike, yours is very hard... compared to Deep Purple! :grin: I thought it was King Crimson´s... :P

I thought Viaene might know it... not Radhi though.

I think Radhi was joking... this is one of the most famous covers in history...

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