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La De Da - Joel Plaskett. . . . try it


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La De Da - Joel Plaskett


1. Absentminded Melody

2. Happen Now

3. Lonely Love

4. Lying On A Beach

5. Television Set

6. Truth Be Told

7. Wishing Well

8. Non-Believer

9. Nina And Albert

10. Paralyzed

11. Natural Disaster

12. Love This Town

This is an album with an interesting story. Joel, after recording two VERY rocking cd's with his band The Emergency, received an email from a fan in Mesa, Arizona to come record a cd for free with him. So he packed up, left Halifax with a few songs, wrote a few more on the trip, finished some more in the studio. Joel plays tenor, acoustic and electric guitars, drums and keyboard on this album. He has a bassist and a Lap-Steel player with him.

The album starts out very intimate and relaxing with Absentminded Melody and quickly bursts into a song that really makes you go "WOW", Happen Now.

Those first two songs, after listening to Joel's previous albums that were really rockin', really showcased how how diverse Joel is. Although there are more folk songs on the album, such as the very personal and epic Non-Believer, and the closing song, Love This Town, there are also some upbeat songs. Natural Disaster is the epitome of folk-rock in my opinion, the opening riff with the distorted guitars were really surprising, pleasing, after pretty much all acoustics.

La De Da incorporates great songwriting, musicianship, and lots of different musical styles. Give it a shot, it's like a breath of fresh air.

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California gets more famous bands, though. Radiohead did, like, 6 shows in California, and not one in Oregon. Which is silly, because there are plenty of Oregonian Radiohead-heads. They should have done a show in Euguene, because U of O is there, and they'd have a big college audience.

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Does Seattle still have a good scene? Thats near Portland isn't it?.....

Radiohead-heads lol..

Halifax has a pretty good scene I think, good jazz scene at least, and some good bands have come out, Sloan, Joel Plaskett. PLUS, I only need to be 19 to go to bars and etc.

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I cussed accidentally :o
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