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-The Tides Flowed Freely-


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The tides flowed freely

Before they had names

Now only memory

Even though they remain

As clouds without rain

Shall the time of all blame

Shout fiercely while voices

Still calls the same name

Around and around always

Sounds the first time

Everything and nothing

Distinguishes no rhyme

How can it be?

What may thy ask?

For the choice always was

Although now not thy task

The first thought is no

The second's cry please

The third why oh why

As thy fall to thy knees

Now grimace and gnash

And see for the first time

The glimpse of eternity

'Tis the start of the line

Time's now no more

No thing such as wait

Even the worst thought

Can't compare to thy fate

Knowing all evil

And seeing the core

The slow motion blur

As the mind is no more

Each thought is enemy

Kidnapped and chained

As the tides flow freely

Yet now have no name...

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