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Riddle Me This Again

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So much for sticking to rules, zsjaksncdioujode3

Or whatever your name is

It's too late for me to delete the above rude statement. So, I only thought it proper to apologize to Zabadak for being unintentionally impolite.

I'm not a mean person but sometimes when I look over my posts I can see how people could easily dislike me.

Truly, it is not my intent to disappoint any of y'all because music is the only love I'll always have.

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Kenne, it's reassuring that you carry on riddle me again.

What I find not quite reassuring is the fact that you or no- one has answered the previous riddle first...before offering a new one!

To me, it's like a person butting in front of you when you've waited hours in a long line...and they come, butt in front like it's only their world!

Answer the previous riddle, otherwise, keep butting in line and watch the others that follow you...the ones that have no taste.

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