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Is Townshed a Who Sellout?

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Yes, i am...

No, you´re not... in fact, you´re right.

in the spring of 1959 (aged 17) Jones impregnated his girlfriend, a 14-year-old Cheltenham schoolgirl named Valerie. Jones encouraged her to have an abortion, however she wanted no further contact with Brian and instead chose to have the baby boy adopted.[1] The child was given to an infertile couple upon his birth and Brian quit school...

A second child, who Jones named Julian Mark Andrews (his mother being Jones' then girlfriend Pat Andrews) was born in 1961.


He has another son who was born to Linda Lawrence, future wife of Donovan Leitch.

The quote is from wikipedia.

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No, no... I think I got confused between both... because I remember someone from there having this weird, creepy relationship with a 13 year old girl and to make it even more disturbing his son had a thing with the girl's mother. I must have mixed up Brian Jones' name in the middle. :blush:

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Alright then, let's look at the two possibilities we've set aside:

The Who (Townshend primarily) are already rich due to their prior successes, and now Townshend feels that becoming richer by not only going on more tours but by also selling songs to advertisements is a spectacular idea, or:

The Who were screwed out of their money and aren't as rich as most other rock stars out there, therefore Townshend and Daltrey figure that they can get around having to sell records (as they've already sold the most they'll ever sell) by selling their songs in advertisements, thus increasing the amount of money they both make?

Which is more likely?

Which is more logical?

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I did not say that they are rich. At the same time, I don't think they were entirely screwed out of their money either. Look at the lives they lead, still do, partly--sure they could get loans from the recording companies et al, but they were certainly a lot better off than bands like the Small Faces who didn't see a penny for what they did and had to cut back a lot.

In recent years, by that I mean the past ten or fifteen years, The Who did make a considerable amount of money by selling repackaged and remixed records, deluxe editions, that Tommy broadway show and "new" best-of CDs.

Of course the second possibility is more likely, I won't deny that. I'm not too well-informed about things like royalties and who gets them and when, so I'd be happy if someone cleared that up for me, but as far as I understand it, it is Townshend who gets the most of it (royalties), as he is the songwriter. So shouldn't he be the first one to pursue the idea, instead of Daltrey? He might follow, understandably so, but I still believe that Townshend is mainly responsible for selling songs for commercials.

And I still think that yes, selling that many songs to be used in commercials and TV shows is selling out.

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In the end, the Who have sold their songs for use in many commercials. I all but guarantee there is no other band who has had as many songs in advertising as the Who, and I would gladly invite someone else to find me a band who makes this statement false, because I would like to see it. There is no way the Who can not survive on what they have now, however "little" it may be, and even so, there are many other ways to make money then selling songs for commercials. I think that is what it comes down to, not if they got screwed or not. If they did, then I'm sure that they would be able to survive without the commercials. No other self respecting band would do what the Who have done, and although I love their music, I question the means they use to publicize it.

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When I was younger, The Who's songs were sacred to me, and I would have been against them using their songs for anything other than playing on the radio or in movies. Now that I am older, I do not care. In fact, I kind of like hearing them all over the place. The songs belong to The Who and they should be able to use them as they see fit. I do not work for free, so I would not expect them to, either.

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