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Bands, Artists and Charts question

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I believe these answers are correct, but Carl may correct me. :)

1. It's specific - if it says "band", it means actual band; if it says "artist", "singer", "musician", etc., it's referring to a single entity.

2. Most likely the chart being referenced is the Billboard Hot 100, which is considered the most official music chart. The big Billboard chart books you can buy are compiled from info on this chart, though it might not have always been called the "Hot 100".

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Correct you are, Daslied.

We phrase the questions with the word band when we are looking for a band (i.e. Black Sabbath), and artist when we are looking for an artist (i.e. Elvis Presley).

There may be times when we may ask, "which band or artist" when there may be more than one correct answer.

Keep in mind that there are bands that have names that may seem like an artists' name, but is not (i.e. Jethro Tull), and artists that have names that may seem like a bands name, but is not (i.e. Taco), and also some that may be addressed as both artist or band (i.e. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers).

Questions are mostly based on U.S. Billboard's Hot 100 Chart but other U.S. charts are also used (ie: Modern Rock chart, Mainstream Rock Chart, etc.)

Since this quiz originates in the U.S. and we have access to the U.S. chart info, we use the U.S. charts for our questions unless specified differently in the question.

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