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Nerina Pallot


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I've been hearing "everybody's gone to war" on the tv ads for her new album, and her voice sounds really good and the song is really catchy :)

She's from Jersey in the Channel Isles, where we went on holiday last year. She talks quite a lot about it on her site here.

She seems very down to earth and quite humbled by the attention she is getting!

Has anyone heard the full album yet? I definitely am going to get it, but would like to hear others reviews or thoughts on it too. You can hear the new songs by clicking on the "Entertainment" link off the above link.

She also keeps an online blog here at the Channel 4 site.

And here is her My Space.


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i always forget about my cork slang! savage = unbelievably cool!

Savage [adjective]


When wishing to inform your friends that you have spotted a good looking lady you may state conspiritorily 'savage ol'doll over dere is it'?. It is essential that you are looking in the completely opposite direction at the time.

"My schribler is bleeding something savage" - I've got a severe nose bleed.

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