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Middle name game

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Post the middle names of the members of a band (or a few bands if you wish), and the rest of us have to work out which band it is. You do not have to work out all the previous bands in order to post your own - you may do so whenever you wish, and post as many bands as you wish. If the person's middle name has changed at any point in their life, post any one of their middle names they have had. If they have no middle name, state how many band members have no middle name. If the bands members has changed over the years, post the middle names of all members at a certain time.

1. Paul, Patrick, Anthony and Henry

2. Phillip, Robert, George, Brian and one artist with no middle name (I think).

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More than three months after your post, I have finally worked it out! It's Cream (Eric Patrick Clapton, Jack Symon Asher Bruce and Ginger Edward Baker)

Here's a new one: Keith, Roger, Jon, Berkeley and William.

I think the Berkeley should give it away if anyone happens to know who has that middle name.

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I remembered you like The Who, so I checked them out:

Pete Dennis Blandford Townshend

Roger Harry Daltrey

John Alec Entwistle

Keith John Moon

Here's the new list: Harold, Richard and two members without middle names.

Clue: One of the members has a second surname, Meddows, but it isn't usually mentioned in his name.

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