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Big Day Out


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Yay! the big day out is this Friday, tickets are $110 plus a booking fee, but my friend and I are trying to get them for less at an online auction.

The acts include:

The White Stripes

Iggy & The Stooges

Franz Ferdinand

Kings of Leon

Henry Rollins

The Mars Volta


2 Many DJs


The Magic Numbers

The Living End



End of Fashion


Dei Hamo


The Go! Team

The Subways

DJ James Murphy

The Greenhornes

Kid Kenobi plus MC Sureshock


Elemeno P

Fat Freddy's drop

Some of these are kiwi bands, so you may not have heard of them, plus some I haven't even heard of.

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Lol yeah well I'm little, and therefore I expect easily crushed, so I'm gonna stay away from the moshpits. We got another ticket for $95, so we're set.

It looks like I'm gonna be dragged a long to a couple of hiphop bands too, so that will be "interesting", but I'm trying to compromise.

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Oh, it's stink that you missed out on tickets, there's no way I would have gone if I had to pay $250. But you'll love Kings Of Leon, they were freakin awesome, and I didn't even know that much about them or their music until we saw them.

I managed to fit in a whole lot at the bigday out, I saw Frontline, The Greenhornes, Pluto, The Living End, End Of Fashion, Sleater Kinney, Blindspott, ElemenoP, Kings Of Leon, Shihad, Franz Ferdinand, The Mars Volta and the Whitestripes.

At the end of the night I also went to see 2manyDj's, but we were all too tired to dance, and attempted to see Fat Freddy's drop by climbing through these tree bush thingees, but got stuck in a massive crowd and had to climb back through.

Overall I think Franz Ferdinand were the best. I absolutely loved The Mars Volta and am planning on buying they're cd now, the singer guy is such an awesome crazy performer, and just watching his hair is fun as it is.

I am also a typical kiwi and loved Pluto, ElemenoP and Blindspott. And Shihad's performance was awesome as always, it's funny how John Toogood can say f*** you to the audience and they just go wild and love the band even more( me included).

The WhiteStripes were alright, but I'm not a major fan, and I only saw the end because The Mars Volta were late(not that I regret that a bit). When I did see them I only actually saw them like 3 times each and never together because it was so crowded. And they're kinda odd, and they did this annoying thing where they went off stage while there was all this microphone feedback before they came back for an encore.

It was definitely worth the money and I'd go again, I just hope that in the future they get someone I really love to headline.

OH and I didn't get sunburnt!

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Ugh, why am I so young? why couldn't my parents have taken me to see nirvana at the bdo when i was 2? I hate how so many great bands were before my time, and now have broken up or members have died, or have just slowed down touring so I don't get to see them.

I'm hoping that the Red Hot Chili Peppers headline next year, they came in 1998 so aren't completely out of reach, and have quite widespread appeal. My fingers are crossed.

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