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  1. For all you Zeppelin fans, found this absolute gem at youtube - its just audio though. It's an alternate studio version of In The Light from Physical Graffiti. Check out the really creepy opening!
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  3. Plant's Harmonica - this should answer your question.
  4. My two favourite covers right now are: Sweet Dreams, Marilyn Manson; originally Eurythmics. Manson's version rocks and is very dark and sinister, as would be expected, and Hotel California, Gipsy Kings; originally The Eagles. The Gipsy Kings have spiced :guitar: it up a bit Disc 2 - Track 18
  5. Good for him. Maybe now the media will finally move on and leave the man alone. They've finally achieved their goal, after 20 years, of publicly defacing Jackson, turning fans against him and destroying his life...and for some reason this news has been warmly welcomed...
  6. when i first heard this song i thought it was religious based from the lines "Is there room for one more son" maybe Christ's second coming, plus other lines like "I wanna shine on in the hearts of men I want a meaning from the back of my broken hand ", the hand perhaps referring to Jesus' crucifixion(sp?). The backburner bit I think is from God's perspective ie your gonna let urself down if you ignore God etc. And i love that i got soul gospel type bit. I had Hot Fuss playing in the background not paying much attention until I heard that bit and listened to this song numerous times immediately. Anyways thats just a theory that some other people are talking about at this site SongMeanings - All These Things That I've Done
  7. awesome lists so far :guitar: Led Zeppelin: Kashmir The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun, Strawberry Fields Forever Across The Universe, In My Life...can't choose Robert Plant: 29 Palms, All The Kings Horses, Colours Of A Shade, Memory Song Kings Of Leon: Joe's Head Jeff Buckley: So Real, Dream Brother Eric Clapton/Cream: Outside Woman Blues Michael Jackson: Billie Jean, Man In The Mirror The Doors: Hyacinth House, Peace Frog, Soul Kitchen Stevie Wonder: Maybe Your Baby, Big Brother, Master Blaster Archie Roach: My History Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child (Slight Return), 1983...A Merman I Should Turn To Be Creedence Clearwater Revival: Proud Mary, Up Around The Bend, Have You Ever See The Rain AC/DC: Back In Black Bob Marley: No Woman No Cry, Roots Rock Reggae, Exodus Rolling Stones: Start Me Up The Killers: All These Things That I've Done ::
  8. My all time favourite song would have to be Kashmir. This was the first song I listened to endlessly on my MP3, despite its length, and f*** I wish it could go on forever. It has some kind of explosive power and energy I can?t describe. Every time I listen to it I get blown away by Bonham?s drumming and Plant?s singing? let me take you there! It doesn?t get much better than this.
  9. This is for those people, and I think there are quite a few ::, who would like to hear how Beethoven and co would pull off Stairway to Heaven. Unfortuneatly each clip is only about 1-2mins long. Check it out at The Stairway Suite
  10. hi all, i just bought the big lebowski on DVD and it has the best soundtrack. anyway one of the songs is "i just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in" by kenny rogers and the 1st edition. can anyone tell me some more psychedelic songs like this, because it's really awesome. thnx.
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