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Blind Melon-Blind Melon

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Uncle joes e-mail sparked my interest to come back here, and I thoguht I'd start my return on a high note.

I truly believe that this is the best album of the 1990's. Shannon Hoon, the groups lead singer and songwriter was a creative genius until his untimely demise in '94. It shows in this album as it does in it's successors, Soup and Nico.

The album starts out strong, the strongest of the first three being Tones Of Home, an edgy rocker guaranteed to make you listen a little bit closer.

The sixth song, Change, has some of the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard, along with a 3 chord riff with embellishments like none other. The guitar solo will tear your heart out.

The breakthrough hit, and the band's only hit, No Rain gained many gold records and awards. The riff is impossible to get your mind around, and it will leave you smiling and singing no matter how much rain there actually is.

To end the album on a high note, the haunting Drive will send chills through every bone in your body.

The album is impossible to dislike, with not a bad song on it. As soon as I heard it, I became a Melonhead and have never looked back. With Hoon's unbelieveable vocals, and two guitars combining for several amazing solos, it is hard not to become one. The band was not afraid to turn away from the mainstream grunge and hair metal genre's and create a true rock n' roll album no matter what it took. Sometimes using mandolins, and layered background vocals, this album will leave you in awe.


I don’t feel the suns comin’ out today

Its staying in, it’s gonna find another way.

As I sit here in this misery, I don’t

Think I’ll ever see the sun from here.

And oh as I fade away,

They’ll all look at me and say, and they’ll say,

Hey look at him! I’ll never live that way.

But that’s okay

They’re just afraid to change.

When you feel your life ain’t worth living

You’ve got to stand up and

Take a look around you then a look way up to the sky.

And when your deepest thoughts are broken,

Keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreamin’ it’s time to die.

And as we all play parts of tomorrow,

Some ways will work and other ways we’ll play.

But I know we all can’t stay here forever,

So I want to write my words on the face of today.

And then they’ll paint it

And oh as I fade away,

They’ll all look at me and they’ll say,

Hey look at him and where he is these days.

When life is hard, you have to change.

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