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Pink Floyd - Meddle


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Band: Pink Floyd

Album: Meddle


Released On: November 11, 1971

label: EMI

length: 46:33

Vocals/Guitars: David Gilmour

Bass/Vocals: Roger Waters

Drums: Nick Mason

Keys: Richard Wright

1. One of These Days

2. A Pillow of Winds

3. Fearless

4. San Tropez

5. Seamus

6. Echoes

Meddle is one of Pink Floyd's most overlooked albums. It could be overlooked for a variety of reasons, though. It doesn't appear to have a consistent theme, and was made during a very transitional time for Pink Floyd. It was made in the time when they were leaving their 60's psychadelia behind, and forming their own musical identity. In this album, you can hear traces of the mellow music showcased in Dark Side Of The Moon. Though it isn't the masterpiece Dark Side is, it is still one of Floyd's best albums, and essential for any fan of Pink Floyd.

The album begins with the sounds of wind, perhaps wind at the ocean. The bass is the first instrument to come in, playing a single echoed note. The bass builds up to a surging echo riff, and soon becomes one of Pink Floyd's most intense songs.. The song is highly electronic sounding. It sounds like an intense psychadelic techno song. It is an instrumental, except for somewhere in the middle, where a digitally warped and evil sounding Nick Mason says "one of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces." After a rather abrupt ending, the sounds of a windy ocean become prominent again.

After the incredibly intense beginning, it is a shock when a very beautiful, peaceful acoustic guitar comes in, with the song "A Pillow of Winds." It has great lyrics that coincide perfectly with the song. It's the kind of song you could just fall asleep to, but in a good way. It's basically a feel good song until the lyrics get slightly darker, and the acoustic intro gradually flows into an eerie, but still calm, acoustic guitar part. The mood changes throughout the song seamlessly, as do the lyrics.

In the next song, "Fearless," the tranquility is lost, but it is still a calm, flowing song. Another lyrical gem, Fearless stands out as one of Floyd's best songs. The aura flows from that of an ocean, to that of a sporting event. The winds in the last song turn into a crowd chanting "Liverpool." The song really points at the mood to come in later Pink Floyd work.

The next song, "San Tropez," seems awkward, and forced into the album upon first listen. After the peaceful mood has been established in the last two songs, it seems a surprise when the jazzy song comes to play in this song. Upon further listening, though, I realize while the genre may be different, the mood is still peaceful, and flowing. As for the song, it has a nice piano solo from Rick Wright. It isn't a great song, but it isn't bad either.

"Seamus" is the only blues song I have ever heard from Pink Floyd. It begins with a barking dog, which is repeated throughout the rest of the song. While at first it seems like a lighthearted song about a dog named Seamus, the song is actually quite depressing. It's a short song, which begins with lyrics about a man outside his house with his dog. It seems like a sort of calm, simple song, describing slow paced living out in the country. The last line, however is

"Well, you know the sun was sinking slowly

But my hound just sat right down and cried."

After that line, the entire song seems to shift from calm and content to lonely and sad. The actual music doesn't change at all. This song is really a testament to the lyrical talent of Roger Waters. It shows how much his lyrics can change a song.

The album ends with the 23 minute epic, "Echoes." It is as epic as possible while still staying with the flowing theme of the album. The song easily flows from eerie and creepy to majestic throughout the song. It is another song that points at the greatness to come, especially the mood in Dark Side of the Moon. It is the perfect ending to a great album

This album is essential for any fan of Pink Floyd. I give it 5 stars out of 5.

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