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Stones to Play Baghdad !!


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(AC) In an unprecedented act of generosity and boldness , The Rolling Stones have added two tour dates to their international 2005/06 calendar tour : Baghdad and Mosul . They will be the first Western rock and roll act to visit the Middle Eastern country which for the last 30 years was under the regime of Saddam Hussein and is presently in a state of insurgency.

"We just wanted to show some kindness and give a bit of fun to a people who really need it ..." said frontman Mick Jagger . Tickets have not yet been offered for sale and details were not available about venues or security arrangements, and reaction from Islamic Mullahs is unknown as of yet , but is expected to be harsh . However , a spokesman for the group stated that if the Iraqi people would not attend , then surely servicemen would be invited . " We've never done a U.S.O , man , it may be a blast, " said guitarist Keith Richards , " but we love the Iraqi people and hope they'll come out to see us ."

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( AC ) = All Crap News service

Time to 'fess -up . The story is a joke - a lark of twisted inspiration coming from another thread . It is utter fabrication, and to protect RonJon's and other posters journalistic credibility in this section , I can't keep this going any longer . T'would be nice if it were true , though ... ::

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