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Kravitz Interior Decorators, LTD.


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Lenny Kravitz Designs on Another Career

A couple of side decorating gigs here and there turned into a full fledged operation for rocker Lenny Kravitz, who has addressed the demand for his unique style by founding the company, Kravitz Design.

The Miami-based venture has been in existence for about two years and was born out of Kravitz?s love of architecture and interior design.

"I was always changing things and moving things around," said Kravitz. "When I started touring 16 years ago, going around the world, I got into architecture."

The funky décor Kravitz chose for his own homes began to appear in magazines such as Vogue. When more and more people began asking him to hook up their pads, the side hobby became a bonafide business, with future plans to launch a line of Kravitz decor.

"We have a couple of items that I think are classic and will have an identity," he said. "They have a personality and they'll be unique."

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