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P.S. Very Good thread too peaches.

Why, thank you, 55. :: I agree with a lot of the anti-rap statements in this thread, but I still think that not all rap should be villified.

TP, do you have anything against "Guess the song threads"??

Yes, Edna, I do have something against the "Guess the Song" threads...the fact that I am not smart enough to figure them out. ::

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I like a little rap. Tupac being my favorite. But I always ask myself, "are rappers really musicians?" Seeing how most of them dont play any instruments. Plus most talk in their songs, not sing. I tend to think they are not musicans, rather "lyricists."

Totally agree - many of them are very talented lyricists, but then again many are not!! lol

Raps not my favourite music but I don't mind some occasionally. Tupac again is not bad.

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