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Pink Floyd Session Singer Wins Settlement


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Pink Floyd Session Singer Wins Settlement From Band

A session singer who was paid just $58 to perform on Pink Floyd's legendary 'Dark Side of the Moon' album has won an out of court settlement from the band and its record label.

Clare Torry sang on the track "The Great Gig in the Sky" and was credited on the 1973 LP - but only received the small sum, even though the album went on to sell 36 million copies and stayed on the charts for 26 years.

She told London's High Court she deserved half ownership of copyright for helping to compose the track as she had used a special "wailing" vocal technique when the song was recorded.

The court agreed with Torry. Details of the settlement have not been disclosed.

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I can empathize with her, but I think she knew the territory she was working in. Session musicians are nameless, faceless, hired hands for the most part. They come in, perform, accept the agreed upon fee and go to the next job. Unless she had an agreement, formal or otherwise, promising her royalties based on sales, she was compensated as agreed upon.

that's my two cents on the story.

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