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Will Judas Priest make a comeback????

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Rob Halford Nervous About Judas Priest Album

Judas Priest singer Rob Halford understands why fans fear their comeback album will be a disappointment - because he's terrified it will be poorly received too.

The charismatic singer rejoined Priest in 2003, after quitting the group in the early 1990s, and he admits the pressure of making his first record with the band in 15 years is intense.

And just like his loyal following, he's equally determined to prove doubters wrong with 'Angel of Retribution.'

He says, "It's the same for me. If I've been a fan of a band for a long time and they make a new record there's always a sense of, 'Is this going to be OK or is it going to be a bit dodgy?' You always wonder if it's going to go a bit wonky halfway through."

"It's so satisfying when you finally hear it and it's a great record, but you can't help feeling nervous beforehand. We can't blame people for feeling like that. We know we're under the microscope this time round."

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