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Another Beatle Grandchild.....

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Paul McCartney's Daughter Gives Birth

Paul McCartney has become a grandfather for the third time after his daughter Stella gave birth to a son Friday night.

The fashion designer's baby was born three weeks prematurely at London's private St. Johns And St. Elizabeth Hospital and required special attention after suffering initial breathing problems. He weighed in at seven pounds, seven ounces.

However, both baby and mother are said to be healthy after being transferred by ambulance to Portland, another hospital in the capital, hours after the birth.

The former Beatle was joined by his son-in-law and new father, Alasdhair Willis, at the maternity ward.

A source says, "Obviously this is Stella's first baby and the whole family was so excited. But the baby came early and it was a bit of tough-and-go there for a while."

"Luckily Stella had both her dad and husband on hand to help out. In the end it all turned out OK, but everyone was very concerned."

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