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F'n LIFE! Read this, plz guys.


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I wrote this last year after me and my FIRST love broke up.

note: this has very graphic language, i was very angry. Ill bleep most of it out. Theres some that arent that bad or needed for impact just like music. Ive already talked to Sara about it....well here it is.

What is love? Is it something we are supposed to feel or do? Is that all we are here for is love? What if Love never existed? WHAT IF Jesus was the only love that we ever needed? Would hearts be broken? Would people die more or less?! WHY THE F*** DO WE LOVE? TELL ME WHY!? Who has the answer? --Silence--all silence, because nobody has the ****ing decency to speak up. What the hell has humanity become. Look at us, no better than we were when we were cavemen. Oh yeah, we are a little smarter. But civilized, HA! Tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, SOMEONE will be hurt! Why? Cause on the 7th day, GOD RESTED! From my favorite movie, Robin Williams said TO GOD! "You rested on the seventh day; maybe you should have spent that day, and worked on Compassion!" This, after LOVE had killed the one he LOVED! Who thinks up this s**t? Oh, I have the answer---WE DO!! HUMANITY! DAMN! The question is who cares?

But that?s what life is, isn?t it, a bucketful of questions? Too, and for all those with all the answers—Go screw yourself in the a$$.

I?m a firm believer in God our father. And its not him, or jesus, or the holy spirit I have a problem with. Its why im still on this Planet, and I love all of them very very much.

Now, my problem is with what has happened to what God created. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex(STD?s, prostitution, playboys, pornography, etc.) KILLING! Violence, and DOMINATION! What the hell is the worlds problem with room here, there is enough for everybody, so why do we have to fight over it. If the solution has to be to bring everybody together and call the ****ing nation BOB, so be it. Damn people. STOP! AND LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD! Cause believe it or not. YOU CAN HELP CHANGE IT. Yes, I know its hard for your little primitive mind to comprehend, cause im sure, most of the world is used to a same day to day schedule. Get up, go to work/school, have a Crappy(edited) day, pretend to be happy, come home, get drunk, or watch tv, or have sex. Eat somewhere in there, go to bed, and do the same damn thing, the very next day. Where is the motive?

Some would say money, and wealth. WHOA SPIT! Im sorry, OOOO money! Well, hell, if we put hitlers face on american money, it would make more sense. Why not, I mean, Hitler was a saint compared to money. Money has killed much more, Money has made many more suffer. There are millions, and millions of people hurting for money. And there is some little rich girl, who can have a nice meal, and puke it up intentionally. HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE! A disease you doctors say, well, Dr. Paul concurs with stupidity. Do you concur? What, you don?t? Well **** you, it?s my life!

Oh im sorry, have I offended some of you with my cussing? God, forgive me. Forgive me for having an open eye, and seeing that curse words are nothing more than words. I hope I don?t go to hell now. Please lordy lord lord lord. Well, crap, ***, (There was just sooo much cussing here to make a point, i had to just delete it)(I was trying to make a point)!!! DANGIT! Does it hurt?? Are you bleeding cause I said ***T, are you throwing up cause I said ***ch, or cursing me cause I said faggot. Well, excuse me!!!

Think of your life, think of everything you have done with it. EVERYTHING! What would you change? Just think?.


Cause guess what, you didn?t get it right the first time around, so you are ****ed! Don?t feel bad, dont blame yourself...blame the people that had a chance before us to. You still have a chance to. Amazing aint it?

God bless you all?you need it! And so do I, we are all sinners, and we ask for forgiveness, but do we mean it?? Do we really? How do we know we have made up for what we have done. We don?t, we just have faith. Well I have faith that mankind wont be like this in about 300 years. Fat chance yeah, but I have faith. **** the facts, **** the theories! **** the beliefs! How about some ideas for once! People cant kill each other for ideas. Smartest thing Chris Rock ever said for you Dogma fans.


This is NOT against ANY songfactors! I wrote this LOOONG before i came to songfacts, i was angry, at everything and anything.

If you guys ever want to get your anger out...get it out on paper, it works.

This isnt a poem, but, its a song of life.

God Bless You ALL!

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I've always find it really hard to write everything down and just let go totally to how I'm feeling, but it is most certainly one of the best therapies.

You can work alot out by yourself if only you give it a go at understanding it. Sometimes its great to just write this stuff down and never read it back.

Really really good RANT :bow:

Did you feel better after you wrote it?

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