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Self Concious Jesters

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This is probably my favorite song to date. Let's see what you guys think.

?Daniel Gillis

Sit Back And Relax

You Fake Fools

Laugh And Point

At How Dumb I Look

At Least I Had The Balls To Do What I Felt.

Deepen Your Voice

Flex Your Abs

Say What Makes You Cool

Makes No Difference To Me.

Away From People You're Different

Away From People You're You

In Public You'll Fall For Another Fake Soul

Like An Unlucky Jester Who Will Lose His Mind

Lost In A World Of Talk

Chit-Chattering About Nothing

Away You wouldn't Care

Here You Fix Your Bangs.

You're The One Who Suffers

It's Hard To be Someone You're Not

But Your Alter Ego Is More Popular

So Thats How It Has To Be

I Know Who You Really Are

I Knowe Your So Called Secrets

I Really Don't Give A Damn

But I Know You Think Everyone Cares

All You Are Is A Jester

Putting On The Show Of A Lifetime

The Show That Lasts A Lifetime

Self Concious Jesters Always Lose Their Minds

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