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"Bye bye" - Janice


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Hi Everyone...

I've had this song in my head for nearly the last 20 years-- it was a much-played pop song in '86 or '87. The lead singer was female, and of the lyrics all I remember is the chorus:

"Saying goodbye... goodbye to you...

Was the hardest thing that I could ever do"

and later:

"Let me say (say say say)... what I have to say

And leave the memory of loving you in vain"

In the background, was the same super deep voice from Yellow's "Oh Yeah" (if you remember Ferris Beuler's Day Off) repating (I think) : "For real".

It sounded like it could be The Jets, or Gloria Estefan... but I've googled and googled and found no matches.

Anyone else remember this song? Like I said, it seemed like it was a pretty big song when it first came out, but I've never heard it since. None of my friends recall the song, either-- they swear I must've dreamed it up.

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Thanks, Uncle Joe, but if you're referring to her "Goodbye To You" song, I don't think that's it-- but it is a very, very good guess.

The song I'm thinking of is more of a love ballad-- a little sad and a little slow (ala the Jet's "Make It Real").

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