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Your Favorite Music DVD's??


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As far as DVD VIDEO COLLECTIONS go. My hands down winner is Enigma with their ?Remember the Future? DVD. It features 11 of the most creative, scenic, and amazing videos I have ever seen. All videos are directed by Michael Creatu and are filmed all over the world. Every video demonstrates his exhausting effort and stunning film work. In summary, he can capture your attention better with a simple glance of a character, than most people do with an entire video. If like this type of music, I highly recommend getting the DVD.

In the entry of DVD CONCERTS. It?s another hands down winner?. Roger Waters The Wall live in Berlin! I would seriously give my brothers right arm, and my four wheel drive, to go back in time and see this concert live! (Thats a lot trust me.... my brothers a mechanic, and needs his right arm. I need my brother to work on my truck, and if he cant I may as well get rid of it too! :googly:)

ARGHHH!! Where was I on the day of that historical concert????

Anyway, those are my favorites. What are yours??

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I'm not sure if its been released on DVD, but Pink Floyd Live At Pompei is a great work of art. Also, like 2 years ago, I picked up a VHS for a great price called Legends Of Rock. It contains classic performances from legendary artists such as The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, and Santana. Again, I don't know if this has been released on DVD, but I highly recommend it.

"I got one up in the chamber, don't make me wear yo ass like some '85 Wranglers." - Master P

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Talking Heads - "Stop Making Sense"

The Eagles - "Hell Freezes Over"

"Kiss" - "MTV Unplugged"

"Down From The Mountain"- Music from the film "O Brother Where Art Thou"

Gordon Lightfoot - "Live In Reno"

AC/DC - "Live at Donington", "Stiff Upper Lip LIVE"

Sara McLaughlin - "MirrorBall"

Barenaked Ladies - "Barelaked Nadies"

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Favorite music DVD I have is U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle. Phenomenal concert. Rattle and Hum is a great one too. Can you tell I'm a U2 fan?

Pre DVD favorites would have to be The Police Synchronicity Concert at The Omni in Atlanta and The Alarm: Spirit of '86.

I was a big INXS fan back in the day and caught a portion of one of their concerts on a DirecTV freeview not too long ago. Not sure if it's on video or DVD, it probably is. My God, the people in the crowd. Tens of thousands of them. I believe it was at Wembley Stadium. A very electric concert to say the least.

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OMG great suggestions that are right in line with my tastes. Thanks. I just added about 5 DVD's to my amazon wishlist/netflix queue.

I cant wait to watch, Live at the Pompei, U2 Go Home, and the O'brother DVD's.

PS I cant believe I forgot to give honorable mentions to Queensryche's Operation LiveCrime, or, Santana's Supernatural. Both are really good as well.

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AC/DC - "Live at Donington"

I enjoy watching Angus run all over the stage, while playing awesome solos in his school boy uniform.

I just watched it again tonight... What a sight to see that pint sized guitar demon do that duckwalk boogie down that runway deep into the audience. While he is doing this, a 'bronze' Angus statue bursts from the backdrop, smoke billowing out it's nostrils, and guitar-headstock. And the band laying down a granite-solid foundation. He never stops. I've seen them live. From the seats we had, I had a view of the stage, and a partial 'behind the curtain' view. Three-quarters through the concert, Angus disappeared behind the black stage curtain. I could see what he did. He put a foot up on a monitor and a roadie rushed over and placed a green oxygen mask on him. Angus breathed through this for a minute or so (and never missed a note, kept playing), then tore it off. Picked up a bottle of water, (still playing with his left hand)dumped it over his head, then dashed back out onstage. A few minutes later, sproinggg!, he busted a string. Another roadie came out, strapped the new Gibson SG on him (again, he was still playing with the left hand), flipped the remote, and Angus was off again, barely missing a note. The guy really is talented.


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I like it when they play "Whole Lotta Rosie" and behind the stage emerges a huge blimp ballon of Rosie. Cracked me up the first time i saw it. Also, not sure which song, they bring out the blimp of Angus with the horns. I saw this on the VHS, I'm sure it's probably on the DVD. On the DVD, it starts with "Thunderstruck" right?

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Do you only want concerts?

If you mean like a musical type of dvd, mine are(in my opinion):

Pink Floyd-The Wall

The Blues Brothers

Incubus- Morning View Sessions

again my writers block is attacking me so thats all i can think of, sorry.


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