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Final Rebellion

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yeh another song seeing as i kinda promised. all my songs worth showing are about death and/or depression hmm that makes me ponder :: anyhoo, enjoy and please post your comments

(it's a song and was written in march. if you wanna know what it goes like, listen to Evanescence "Everybody's fool" thats what music i based it on)

Final Rebellion

She crouches in the corner

Of a dark room

She sits with a notebook

Contemplating ways to stop her mounting doom

She clutches the dagger

her final release


Why is this the last resort?

How could she ever even have thought

The only way of letting people know

is letting go,

her final rebellion

Under her pasty skin

the wounds show through

they open up and spurt the venom

the snake of depression, so blue

her tears cascade down her chin

she picks up the pen and begins


The words flow onto the paper

eerily easily forming a letter

Oh how she's sorry for the pain this will cause

but she couldn't hold on any longer because

her depression took over and blinded her sight

and now she will wait for the endless night


That's it. i would appreciate it very much if you post your comments and tell me what ya think. i will leave you with a happy banana (Bananaby!) :happybanana:

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