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Who knew Tori Amos was on a cereal box? Apparently no one. That was the big stumper, but there were 3 people who got the other 9 right:

Liz from Mildura, Australia wins a clean and comfortable Songfacts T-Shirt.

Here are the answers:

  • Which band's members were Charlie, Lefty, Otis, Nelson & Lucky?
    - The Traveling Wilburys

  • What song contains the line, "I'm going to Wichita, far from this opera of evermore"?
    - "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes

  • Who is the oldest female singer to hit #1 on the US pop charts?
    - Cher
    She was 52 when "Believe" went to #1 in 1998.

  • What band made up of 3 brothers had a #1 hit in the '90s?
    - Hanson
    "MMMbop" was #1 in 1997.

  • What famous band had a member with the last name "Perfect"?
    - Fleetwood Mac
    Christine Perfect became imperfect when she married John McVie and became Christine McVie.

  • What popular singer was on the cover of a cereal box in 1984?
    - Tori Amos
    She was on a box of Kellogg's "Just Right."

  • What famous band once played concerts in 3 continents on one day?
    - Def Leppard
    On October 23, 1995, they played shows in Morocco, London and Vancouver.

  • Who is the only songwriter to have songs recorded by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan? (Bootlegs don't count)
    - Arthur Alexander
    The Stones did "You Better Move On," The Beatles did "Anna (Go To Him)" and Dylan recorded "Sally Sue Brown."

  • Who are the only 2 female singers to have #1 UK hits in the '80s, '90s, and '00s?
    - Madonna and Kylie Minogue

  • What band almost broke up after one of its members accidentally killed himself with a gun.
    - Chicago
    Guitarist Terry Kath shot himself in the head with a gun he thought wasn't loaded.

    Tiebreaker: How many fish are in the Songfacts aquarium?

Thanks to everyone who took the quiz, and be sure to take the new one


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Arthur Alexander is not the only person to write songs that were recorded by Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. The Rolling Stones released a live version of "Like a Rolling Stone" sometime in the 90's. The Beatles sang "Like a Rolling Stone" on the "Let It Be" album (well a couple of lines :() Bob Dylan wrote and recorded "Like a Rolling Stone". So, Bob Dylan can share that honour with Arthur Alexander. :jester:

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That's the first and only Bob Dylan song I've ever heard.


Where've you been. What about "Hurricane" which was the subject of a movie in the last few years? Or "Things have Changed" which won an Oscar a couple of years ago? Or "Mr Tambourine Man" which heralded a new genre of music called folk rock (mind you, that was back in the 60's)? Do you have the TV series "Absolutely Fabulous" where you are? Guess who wrote the theme song (This Wheel's On Fire)? etc etc etc

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Nope, no AF here. We watched a video on Bob Dylan today and yesterday in History. I swear, all we ever do in that class is watch videos about music and food. We have watched documentaries on Pizza, The Hamburger, Jello, and Spam. And he actually wants to show us more. But I digress. I don't think Bob is all he's cracked up to be.

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