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Hawaii Five-0

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As local folk would say: "No beeg ting." On the "Pacific Ring of Fire," seismic events are to be expected from time to time. Some are no more than a "non-Tsunami-generating-earthquake" to "Run away! The lava's come to burn down your house!" A local Facebook poster showed two volcano eruption graphics: Multiple lava flows imperiling East and West Hawaii island, and the "a few miles from the sea" lava flow burning it's way through a small part of East Hawaii. It's no better or worse than the eruption(s) that close roads, burn houses, and fall into the sea on a less-than-clockwork basis. It's no fun for people who bought into "Volcano Estates" housing development, but Hawaii island is seismically active year round and nearly every town is "downhill from the cauldron of lava." So, if you lava" something have at it...unless a relative smuggled a lump of lava rock from Volcanoes National Park. Then your life may "turn cattywampus" until the rock is returned to park HQ. 

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