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Cruising through the Shutterbug website, I ran across this article on "putting a digital sensor into analog film cameras." Is this for real? Can your grandpa's Contax II be used to take 16MP digital pictures? How about that "orphan M42 Ricoh Singlex TLS" that you dug out of the trash? This looks/sounds like an electronic wrinkle on the "stuff a ho-hum digital camera into a decrepit 35mm SLR film camera body" that can be found on YouTube.

This "Steampunk Photography" movement is also responsible for taking perfectly mundane 3-element lenses off analog film cameras as adapting them to digital mirrorless wonders and marveling at the "Bokeh" these otherwise optically awful lenses produce. (Triotar, Radionar, and certain Russian Leica Screw Mount lenses produce "swirly Bokeh" and other astigmatic backgrounds when used at maximum aperture.) Sigh, the days of "photographer David Hamilton" have returned, in a Harvey Weinstein kind of way.

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The latest Photography fad is as close as the Thrift shop junk box!
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