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Why does music move us?


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The Taliban does like some types of music. If you listen to the spoken Quran at a mosque, it’s actually recited - kinda like a song. A society devoid of music is a dead one at its core. Thankfully, music exists everywhere, regardless of whether there are humans/intelligence to discern it and enjoy it.

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I think music is so important in our lives , I know for one that I have different music that I play to suit certain moods; but sometimes this can cause me to burst in to tears at inappropriate times lol. I've been in the supermarket when a song has played that moves me and out come the water works lol. I also will listen to different types of music to just emerge myself into another time or place. Anyway that's just my view and I'm sure everyone has different reasons for the likes and dislikes of different types of music. 

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