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Whatever happened to handheld TVs?


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Return to those distant days of yesteryear, when it was possible to watch network broadcast TV on the go! Is still it possible to get a digital TV signal on a handheld receiver? (Or does everybody use their portable hi tech device to stream video over the Internet, instead?) My over-the-air TV situation has always been hampered by trees growing around low lying land that resulted in ghosts and electrical noise from passing cars and trucks. So, it's been cable TV since the 1970's or nothing. When VHF TV was shut off and digital became the new hot thing, NO over-the-air TV was the result. Even with a friend's homemade digital TV antenna, all I could get was religious programs. Oh well, TV is "so last century.";(

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No way those things will work with modern broadcast signals. The FCC had to do a big campaign a few years ago warning that analog signals were going away. 

AM/FM radio still works though but I can't find a receiver :spiky:

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Out here in the Pacific Ocean, AM radio can still be found, since, it can be heard in spite of tall buildings, trees, and mountains blocking radio signals. These days, most local radio has given way to corporate/packaged/dull programs that make American Top Forty sound like Orson Welles' radio broadcasts. A salute to AM radio!

As for FM radio, the fore mentioned natural and man-made obstructions keep this line-of-sight radio limited and confied to hill/mountain top transmitters. A salute to FM radio!

As for local TV, public access cable channels cover most of the varied interests not served by network or PBS affiliates.  A salute to "HI Sessions," local music and musicians!

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Check your local thrift shop or Salvation Army for AM/FM radio receivers...
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