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Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, and Rick Wakeman


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Otherwise known as "kinda Yes".

John Anderson gave us a great interview a few years ago where it became clear that the songs still hold deep connections for him, and performing them is a way for him to relive the journey with the audience. That's what he did when I saw ARW on Friday night. It was like re-reading a really good book and remembering those lessons learned.

Rabin was a driving force in '80s Yes, so "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" got an extended play. That's one of the songs Jon doesn't have much affinity for, but musically, it served its purpose.

Now that James Brown is no longer with us, Rick Wakeman is probably the only guy who can earnestly wear a cape even before Halloween (he is after all, a keyboard wizard). Not a great photo, but what he's wearing in this shot stayed on for the whole show.

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