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Why is anyone afraid to say anything bad about the Beatles.  I like Paul McCartney. Respect him. I like some of George Harrison's stuff. I can do without Lennon. And can't stand Ringo. I made the mistake of going and seeing his all star band. They just need to leave him out. He was a Beatle. He is arrogant. I know I'm gonna get blasted over this. But my son has better timing. Can pretty much play Ringo with one hand.  And before you go off. My son is a member of a very influential metal band. He could keep up with Ringo when he was five. He met Ringo after the Allstar show and he was so rude and critical of my sons playing. So I'm done with my rant.  The world would be just as well off if we had no Ringo. 

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Yes a few years back you would have been blasted by the knowledgeable rock fans that frequented Songfacts. Unfortunately things aren't quite the same here in terms of quantity. I'm looking for the day the changes happen and the site is packed again. In the meantime, I don't mean to dismiss the drumming of your metal band son. You never mentioned the band so I can't make a judgement. You sound like a nice band Dad that heard one time too many that Ringo was a great drummer and influenced 1000's of other drummers. You probably heard that drumming in a metal band (even when they are "influential") doesn't equate to what The Beatles and Ringo did so that upsets you. I understand. You didn't like the Ringo Allstar show but you still had the need to meet him after the show and tell him what a great drummer your son is. If you have no respect for Ringo why do you care about getting his opinion? 

Do you really think The Beatles would have a bad drummer in their band? Why would they do that?

I was going to post any number of articles discussing Ringo's skills as a drummer, but you wouldn't have cared anyway. You've been listening to better drumming than his since your son was 5. Enjoy wallowing in your bitterness...it's a good way to go through life.

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I never understood the popularity of the beatles,they can't  sing and their songs are middlin at best.

I can't fault someone for their opinion. You opinion is always correct because it's "your" opinion. Even if the rest of the world thinks otherwise, an opinion can't be wrong. From a factual standpoint, it's clear you are misguided. I'm OK with you not understanding their popularity. I mean they took over the world by storm and laid down a history that is being discussed today...over 45 years since they broke up. There are 100's of Beatles only shows on the radio weekly. I could go on, but I think their popularity kind of speaks for itself. No idea why you don't get it, but that's your opinion. They can't sing, hmmm...the list below is from 1999 Mojo Magazines poll of greatest singers  That's just other peoples opinion. Sorry I accidentally eliminated Roy Orbison at #6. Do you really think they can't sing? Give me an example of some of that poor singing. For arguments sake let's leave out the George and Ringo vocals...which Paul or John songs are ruined because of their shabby vocals? I'll wait. tap tap tap.

Their songs are "middlin" at best. Again, its' your opinion. I wanted to eliminate my bias as a fan so I researched the top 100, top 500, top 1000 best songs of all time lists and The Beatles are all over those lists. Imagine how hard it is to do that with "middlin" songs. They could have really made it if they could have just written a couple of really good songs.


  1. 1

    #12 on the original list 
    John LennonBlues-rock, Pop music, Rock music

  2. 2

    #4 on the original list 
    Elvis PresleyChristian music, Pop music, Rock music

  3. 3

    #6 on the original list 
    Aretha FranklinPop music, Rock music, Rhythm and blues

  4. 4

    #5 on the original list 
    Frank SinatraSwing music, Traditional pop music, Big band

  5. 5

    #103 on the original list 
    Bob DylanBlues-rock, Rock music, Folk music


  7. 7

    #21 on the original list 
    Paul McCartneyPop music, Rock music, Experimental rock

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You're not on trial, no need to stand by statements...I love The Beach Boys and think their singing and harmonies are incredible...but you are trying too hard to be a rebel by saying "a below average band that got lucky". You lose your credibility when you make statements like that. Nobody, I mean nobody could get that lucky. 

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