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  1. Several people have blasted my post that Ringo Starr was rude and very demeaning toward my son. It's just the facts. I was talking to Steve Lukather when Ringo started putting down my son. I was offended of course. Mr Lukather then proceeded to tell me that someone asked Ringo if he needed a click track. He said adamantly that He was the click track. Implying that his timing and rythym was so impeccable he could do no wrong. Don't get me wrong. I like some Beatles songs. But some of them are not good at all. Some people like my sons music. Some don't. I respect that. I just don't see why the Beatles are always put up on the pedestal and can do no wrong. Yes they were influential. All music in the past a person has listened to will influence you. Admit it or not. I don't like Ringo. So let it go.
  2. Why is anyone afraid to say anything bad about the Beatles. I like Paul McCartney. Respect him. I like some of George Harrison's stuff. I can do without Lennon. And can't stand Ringo. I made the mistake of going and seeing his all star band. They just need to leave him out. He was a Beatle. He is arrogant. I know I'm gonna get blasted over this. But my son has better timing. Can pretty much play Ringo with one hand. And before you go off. My son is a member of a very influential metal band. He could keep up with Ringo when he was five. He met Ringo after the Allstar show and he was so rude and critical of my sons playing. So I'm done with my rant. The world would be just as well off if we had no Ringo.
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