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The Hunt (intro)


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Upon entering the kitchen she was suddenly grabbed from behind with a knife to her throat.

"Don't scream. So much as a whimper and there'll be a hell of a mess."

She remained silent, but inside she'd become a raving lunatic.

"Please don't scream," he seemed less threatening in his new tone, "I really don't want to hurt you."

Her mind was racing, along with her heart, trying to grasp the situation. Yet she found a small part of herself applauding her restraint.

"I'm gonna ask you some questions and you can just nod or shake your head. Understand?"

She nodded slowly, Feeling the steel blade touch the underside of her jaw in doing so.

"Is there anyone else here?"

She turned her head slowly from left to right.

"I'll move the knife away a bit if you promise not to do something stupid. You promise?"

A slow nod.

"I really hope it's the truth. I really, really don't want to do anything that hurts you." He paused. "Well, physically I guess. I kinda hurt you inside already. Sorry about that."

(more coming if wanted)

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Thanks Jen-Jen! :grin:

I'll try and keep it going as regularly as possible. I wouldn't want you to lose interest!

Unless you'd rather read it as a finished product in which case I would have to let you know when finished cuz I don't know how long the story will last.


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