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Fun and Games: Alphabet Bands


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Zombie, Rob

DanielJ had listed X a while back in the thread, I check each time to make sure which band I'm posting hadn't been used before. There's a very popular classic rock band that begins with Z, also a side band from a popular 90's alternative band, but I'll save those one for someone else.

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Elliott Smith

He did a song called Needle in the Hay which I found on my Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack which is I really like. It was one of those songs that I listened to constantly when I got it.

I put up some more clues for my song in the Guess the Song thread if you feel like giving it another go.

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Do you think if I made up some random name anyone would call me on it.

I've posted quite a few underground bands here, that I'm almost positive nobody else has heard of. Somebody else probably thinks I'm making it up LOL

I'm going to go with your Band at the moment & steal it from you :laughing:

Nada Surf

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