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Miley feuds with Sinead


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"Nothing Compares 2 U" was released in 1990, two years before Miley Cyrus was born.

In the video, Sinead O'Connor sheds an authentic tear, punctuating the emotional outpouring of the song.

For Miley's "Wrecking Ball" video, she is also shot super-tight, and she also sheds a tear, which she claims was real (her dog had just died). Miley is also a preternaturally talented actress, so it's likely that she can cry on command.

People are always asking questions of Miley, as her words are in demand at the moment. To fill these conversations, she talks about her work, her personal life, and her tongue. Once, she mentioned the "Nothing Compares 2 U" video as part of her analysis of her "Wrecking Ball" clip. This was her exact quote:

"It's like the Sinead O'Connor video, but, like, the most modern version."

That's it. She didn't even recall the name of the song. And it wasn't even printed in the magazine. She got the cover and a five page spread, but this little quote was banished to the web as bonus content, where it would have died had not Sinead O'Connor used it as kindling.

Reporters called O'Connor looking for reaction. She wouldn't give it to them. Her years in the industry have taught her that the only way to control her message is to distribute it herself, so she posted her thoughts (in the guise of an "open letter") on her website. Last we checked, she had run out of her allotted bandwidth, but here it is republished in The Guardian.

Sinead gave Miley many words of thoughtful, sage advice, none of which were solicited or appreciated by the young singer.

In 1990, we saw Sinead's tear when it came on MTV, watching in 480 scan lines on TVs likely no bigger than 27 inches. Miley's tear you probably saw on the internet, blowing it up to the full screen of your retina display, every flaw on her face and blood vessel in her eyes exposed.

Images in 2013 are intimate; words are not. Miley responded on Twitter. Her words were unfiltered and brief. Recalling O'Connor's mental health issues - something she likely learned with a glance on Wikipedia - she Tweeted:

Before Amanda Bynes.... There was....

That's it. It's what you would expect from an entitled 20-year-old when you give her a mountain of advice she didn't ask for, isn't it?

O'Connor, once again in the spotlight and in the unfamiliar role of voice of reason, responded with a second letter, this time asking Cyrus who is advising her and threatening legal action.

This was apparently enough for Cyrus, who responded with an arrogant Tweet about how she is too busy to respond, and then another Tweet using the proven tactic to end any public battle (you can see this at play in the US Congress): call for a meeting that will never happen.

if youd like to meet up and talk lemme know in your next letter. :)

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