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Did you ever want to do something for 41 years?...


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And finally get to do it?

Ever since I saw the Brady Bunch go to the Grand Canyon when I was 9, I've dreamed of seeing it. Countless people telling me no picture can hold its "magnitude". They were all correct. I just experienced it a few days ago. No words can aptly describe what is even too big for the eyes and mind to capture completely. Not as interesting as Yellowstone, but The Grand Canyon is in solid second place for most awe inspiring National Parks.


No railings, this is Hualapai Tribe and located on tribal lands. standing at the rim is death defying. We did the skywalk, highly overrated. But we had to see for ourselves.


And of course being in Las Vegas ...23 floor of the MGM signature tower 2 - the view...


The hoover dam...


-had to visit the worlds largest collection of classic cars including Johnny Carson's dads Chrysler he learned how to drive in...



..and what trip to vegas can be complete without stopping by the gold and silver pawnshop


-where they film the Pawn Stars show on the history channel, I told the old man I had nothing sell or pawn today by we had a nice chat. He's really a warm guy.


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Just re-watched that Brady Bunch episode a few months ago, and it really holds up.

Glad you made this trip - those places are awe-inspiring. Those of us tethered to a coast can really benefit from some time in the desert. Love the pix.

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The Pawn Shop was a bit dissappointing in that the showroom space (much smaller than appears on TV) was taken up with "show merchandise". One can not blame them for capitalizing on the commercial success of the show and exploiting that for more lucrative and reliable results than they may get from actual pawned/sold merchandise.

One of the coolest aspects of the drive out to the Canyon was traveling through the desert was seeing the Joshua Tree Forest, not the Nat'l Park in CA. There was hundreds maybe thousands - very cool! And a real road runner! ...zipping across the highway.

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:grin: It's fun to me to see that things that are practically in my backyard (and with reference to the roadrunner are in my backyard) are such a novelty to others.

Of course, I see stuff on TV of other states around the country and think, "Oh, the culture shock, if I ever went there..." :grin:

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