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Bob Dylan and 9/11

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Like many albums, Bob Dylan's Love And Theft came out on September 11, 2001.

This next September 11 is also a Tuesday, and again, Bob Dylan is releasing an album: Tempest.

Mitch Myers points out that the album will include a song about the Titanic, and another about John Lennon, but any significance to 9/11 is unclear.

Dylan likes to stir things up, and his steadfast silence makes us draw our own conclusions as to his intentions. His record company insists that the release date is simply a coincidence (albums are still traditionally released on Tuesdays), but by choosing that date, Dylan is at the very least making a statement that art can still happen on anniversaries of heinous events.

Sure, we'll probably over-think this, but at least he has us thinking, which we can use a bit of these days. Here in America, there are a lot of political types telling us what to believe leading up to the elections, and our Olympics coverage seems determined to spin a narrative for us. A little critical thought might not be a bad thing right now.

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