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R.I.P., Christopher Hitchens

Ombre Vivante

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Thanks for giving God a good, swift kick in the pants while alive. Damn, I think the social I.Q. just dropped right after dude joined the ranks of the departed.

Hitchslap: The act that noted rational atheist Christopher Hitchens must employ on theologists when they attempt to enter discussions that require logic for proof and not "faith."




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Oh, and fully agree with the guy. I use Christmas merely as an excuse to give presents to people I've been meaning to give them at other times. I just don't want to make them feel awkward, embarrassed, or obliged to reciprocate. I actually get a lot of fun out of hunting for the card, writing something peculiar or unique (hell, even practicing my script!), and including a small gift - a small token of my gratitude for their help throughout the year. This year, they were either gasoline cards or Starbucks cards. For real gifts, I always give a video or two (Criterion Collection, preferrably, which are the best quality videos around) :cool:

I also realise it's not good etiquette to give presents to some and ignore others, so I make sure to be really discrete about it, so as not to - again - make others feel awkward or embarrassed by my gesture :beatnik:

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