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Artists With A Sense Of Humour

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Who are your favorite artists that make sure not to take themselves or anyone else too seriously in both music and quotes?

Mine, in no particular order:

The Kinks. God save em.

Nirvana - Yes, Nirvana. Ever seen that video of Cobain on TOTP singing into a bouquet in a Morrissey-style put-on? Lovely.

And for my money, Pulp has put on some of the funniest stunts in music...the Brit Awards incident, that supposed "make your own drugs carrier" kerfuffle, and of course this music video :

Is it a great song? No, but does it really matter? Edited by Guest
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This next band i think had too much fun making good music to take themselves too seriously. They display having a good time doing what they love to do. They call them "the Sweet" 4 a reason. :)

I'm fairly well convinced that the greatest bands have been Brits and these dudes aren't an exception to that sacred rule. ;)


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I like this topic. And naturally the first one that came to my mind is Roger. He has the most bitingly un-serious lyrics... I mean, they're serious, but they're not. He throws an awful lot of good-natured funny lines in almost everything. And he's always a riot onstage. :grin:

Example of a couple of Roger lyrics:

"No, I'm not a quarterback

I'm not a fireman

Still I can have any girl in Japan

'Cause I'm a healthy 159-lb American boy."

"Well I sure had fun when I was your #1

But now I'm standing in #2.

And now I'm changing my shoes

I'm gonna sing a little blues

I'm just a little hung over you."

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Roger Miller and Ray Stevens immediately come to mind. So many great comic lyrics between them.


"Just sittin' round drinkin' with the rest of the guys

Six rounds're bought, and I bought five

Spent the groceries and half the rent

Lack fourteen dollars a havin' twenty-seven cents"

- Dang Me


"Well Harv hit the isles dancin' and screamin'

Some thought he had religion

Others thought he had a demon

Harv thought he had a weed eater loose

In his Fruit of the Looms

He fell to his knees to plead and beg

And that squirrel ran out of his britches leg"

- Mississippi Squirrel Revival

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I am a huge fan of The Sweet - everything they did seemed to be a humour-infused dig at polite society, from wearing full make-up to Nazi symbols on their clothing (waaaay before punk!!!) on their TV appearances. This bit them in the bum in the end, because the establishment eventually won, but they were a breath of fresh air! :cool:

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