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First Kiss


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First Kiss

She is not considered his girlfriend

But both feel Change's first blooms

Not knowing how nor not even why

He kisses her as he has kissed family

Rocket recoil of some part of his face

Her lips yet linger forward, eyes shut

His repress soft ..sweet, sublime, moist

Her taste refreshes his imagination like

An old laughing sea pays dawn's dowry

Through vestigial instinct their minds

Rejoice in what that virgin kiss means

One moment more unfamiliar heat rises

Ancient warmth of forgone acceptance

From two souls trembling at their rub

This first girl (the only one) with whom

He feels comfort sharing daylight dreams

This exquisitely distracting reflection

Looks so very good sharing his blush

Love's dancing somewhere between them

To a new beat built by searching hearts

Too young to make believe there’re rules


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