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Drummers in Glass Cases

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I've heard a somewhat different reason but could be just a variation of previous post.

Some shows have a separate 'sound man' (not just the people/setup we usually see) and off to the side. They make sure the monitors are bounced correctly to the drummer. However, there are times (especially in louder settings) the sound will 'bleed' into the drum mics and play havoc with the main soundboard. Hence, the encloser (and drummer probably relies on earbuds as monitor).

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I've never seen a drummer enclosed in a glass case.I've seen the bass drum enclosed (as someone already mentioned)in a little plexiglass.And it's a sound thing.Especially if it's a very loud band.And most bands tend to play loud.Whether in a small or big setting.And unfortunately the drummer is usually stuck in the middle of all that sound.And,I've played bass before,if the drummer loses the basic beat,then it's alot of chaos (been there)So,it's a sound thing. :drummer: :guitar: and a good question.

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It's because of the really loud sound systems tend to generate too much low-frequency noise that gets reverberated on the drums. As someone else mentioned before the glass is actually a sound barrier that prevents the drums to additionally vibrate or echo from the sound system. This providing more clear sound. And yes, the drummer never uses speakers in these cages but earplugs exactly for the same reason.

Few people do this tho since it's expensive ;)

The ones that doesn't just don't care that much or they are covered by good sound engineers.

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