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Somerset County


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Somerset County

Thoughts draw down upon you like dew

caresses ryegrass fields

No part of you remains without a droplet

from a daydream

My imagination settles over you

softly, sparkling, clearing

I see your face before me as I turn

the corners of my life

Your apparition met by mild surprise,

"Oh .. how lovely."

This is all I need to sense sunshine

prising layered clouds

To eagerly burrow into your shelter

should drizzle succeed

To smell fresh breezes when trapped

within cloistered longing

Everyday, like each night, you are mine.


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Thanks, Jenny and Lucky. I had a deal a couple years back that precluded me posting any of my original poetry online, except for one particular site that was supposed to be a paying location. That deal has fallen through, so I will be posting here again, as I produce new material. Perhaps some prose too.

You guys have always been supportive.

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