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Glee is a musical comedy/drama about a small town Spanish teacher who tries to revive his high school's glee club to its former glory and the kids who become members.

I can't do anything but gush over this show. The musical numbers are fabulous! The comedy is hysterical! The drama is heart wrenching! I'm a bona fide Gleek and I ain't ashamed to admit it.

Favorite musical number: The Diva Off featuring Kurt and Rachel.

Defying Gravity

Favorite character: Sue Sylvester as portrayed by the brilliant Jane Lynch.

Sue's Corner

Favorite dramatic moment: When Kurt tells his dad that he botched the big note during the Diva Off because even though he was proud to be openly gay, Kurt didn't want to embarass his dad by being the boy who sang like a girl. So touching.

This is where we talk about how much we love Glee. If you don't like it, feel free to start your own thread. :shades:

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OMG-Hell-o? Awesome!!! Kurt's eyes just about popping out of his head during Finn's rock star number? Priceless! BTW-I envy Kurt his trench coat. Britney again stole the episode - "Did you know that dolpins are just gay sharks?" But I can't get that look between Jesse and the VA coach out of my mind. It seems like there was more than just intent to sabotage going on there.

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I'm a Gleek, too.

However... if they could get "Rachel" to tone down the squeakiness of her voice, her numbers would be much less grating on my nerves. I find I have to mute the TV when she sings because of that particular voice quirk.

I think my favorite character is the teacher who's ridiculously OCD. I'm so glad her and the Glee coach finally hooked up. I was rooting for her!!! :grin:

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Here are the 16 Things That Made Me Gleeful for "The Power of Madonna"

1-The Desperately Seeking Susan joke-But I wish Glee would have also done something with the colossal flops Swept Away or Shanghai Surprise-Glee likes to skewer just as much as it slops sugar.

2-The guy version of Madonna is Pantera.

3-Britney is dating a seven year old.

4-The Borderline/Open Your Heart Mashup-Borderline is my favorite Madonna song and the lyrics fit the Finn/Rachael romance beautifully.

5-All the Madonnas through the ages in the background-though one nitpick-It was sort of disturbing seeing the Erotica leather and riding crop Madonna walking around a high school.

5-Kurt's face during Sue's breakdown after will "Oh snap"ped her-Sue is really just longing to be accepted for who she is, just like gay kid, Aretha, Shaft, Asian, Other Asian, and Wheels.

6-Kurt's "HUH?" look when Sue sing "Will Schuester, I hate you" during Vogue.

7-Like a Virgin-BEYOND GENIUS!!! And let Santana sing more.

8-Sue's revelation that she needs to "Re-invent everyone else" / Sue poked a couple of kids' eyes out with her pointy bra.

9-Jesse to Rachael-"Just come out so we can talk. Or sing about it."

10-Finn after losing the big V to Santana-Good lesson to kids who watch the show without being preachy "I don't feel anything because it didn't mean anything."

11-Kurt and Mercedes did, indeed, tear that song a new one. (Future center square Kurt Hummel, that is)

12-"What It Feels Like For a Girl" from the guys perspective and the fact that two of the guys got the point.

13-Tina's "The righteous blade of equality" and the fact that she and Artie are finally on track.

14-Jesse's threat of a sing off and Rachael's frightened reaction.

15-Finn's speech to Rachael-Honest and heartfelt without being sappy

16-"Like a Prayer." OH MY LORD!! If that did not move you, honey, check your pulse!!!

And the 3 things that bothered me :

1-Does Will see Emma as a project or that she is broken and needs to be fixed? I agree that OCD / Germophobia is serious, but can't he say something nicer than fixing her problems?

2-Jesse's use of "melancholia"-I'm sorry but high school show choir members who are not Goth do not use the term melancholia. Something ain't right there.

3-Emma's use of "doing the nasty"-On one hand with her germ issues, sex is nasty to her, but on the other hand if you are over 30, you should never say "doing the nasty" and in fact, no one has said that since about 1993.

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