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I know there are Rachel haters, but that girl's rendition of Papa Can You Hear Me last night was flawless. I am starting my official campaign to have Rachel perform Evergreen on a future episode.

And I finally got another crumb of Billy Joel and what an apt performer got the song, even if it the song was cut to hell.

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I forgot Schue and the incomporable NPH did "Piano Man"
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I know there are Rachel haters,

the hell you say. ;)

I agree, her performance of that particular song was very good - and I must qualify this - due in large part that she didn't do her normal "squeak" at the beginning and ending of words. (Am I the only one who notices that squeak?) :crazy:

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I have never loved anything like I loved Rachel and Kurt channeling Barbra and Judy. Absolute genius. And the not too preachy but heart wrenching "I know you're lonely now but you're never alone" could not have come at a more fitting time with the recent episodes of bullying and subsequent suicides of young gay teens.




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