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    Weeds is a hilarious comedy, following other trend-setting shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under that deal with real life issues (using real life language). Sometimes wonderfully dark, and sometimes very blunt, the humour seems to suit each episode's general mood.
  2. I like this show.Sometimes the stories become boring and uninteresting, but its still good to watch simply for the constant twists.
  3. I love this show as well. I happen to watch an episode a month ago and got instantly hooked. I have purchased Seasons 1-5
  4. Twilight Saga: New Moon Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Ice Age 3 Dawn Of the Dinosaurs Aliens in the Dinosaurs Love Happens
  5. i love all American pie sequel... always give me a good time
  6. So sadly when i heard 24 is cult.
  7. Gleny


    Dexter is creating a believable and very detailed portrait of a, lets say troubled, sociopath.
  8. Glee presents a nascent high school glee club ready to blossom with the right talent and encouragement.
  9. Strike Wildcat Lucky Star A Story of Floating Weeds Man With a Movie Camera
  10. she's all that a cinderella story another cinderella story princess diaries the perfect man
  11. The one with Aunt Clara goofing up a spell.
  12. the prestige and the illusionist ARE two of the greatest all time mystery movies.
  13. 500 Days of Summer Avatar Up in the Air
  14. Buffy and Angel are my favourites, cause I love vampires and demons and all..
  15. My heater's humming it's tune. I am going crazy of solitude again.
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