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Asher Roth

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A couple of months ago I asked my kid who he'd like me to interview for Songfacts. He handed me a list of rappers, hip-hoppers, and metal heads. Here I am, white middle-aged milquetoast Mom, afraid of even listening to these artists, much less TALKING to them.

Having not a clue about who Asher Roth was, he was the first person on my son's list. When they agreed to the interview, I was struck with panic. Good grief! He's gonna talk murder and mayhem! He's gonna spew 4-letter words and other stuff I've never heard of! I'll need a translator to just ask the next question!

I could not have been more wrong. Never again will I so casually lump the artists of a single genre together the way I did with hip-hop.

Asher, king of "I Love College," is educated and well rounded, and talked to me like he would his own mother; respectfully. And I got the feeling that's just how he is; not like he was on his best behavior, but because it's who he is. Part of his make-up, how he was raised.

And he's got a message for the kids across America - across the world... read what he has to say. It's relevant. And it's raw.

Asher Roth - the other white rapper

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