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Dream Theater.


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Get these Dream Theater albums:

Images And Words

A Change Of Seasons

But, pretty much any Dream Theater album will do if you like what you hear first.

As for Roxy Music, I'd only recommend Avalon and Heart Still Beating in good faith to anyone. The further back you go, the less mainstream their sound gets (with few notable exceptions) finally reaching the Eno years, which is a mish-mash of styles that take from Rockabilly, slightly Experimental, small bits of Noise, Electronica, Glam, and other junk like that. If you wanna get a good sample of all their music get their latest best hits compilation (they do have quite a few of them), The Best Of Roxy Music, which compiles highlights in their 11-year studio career going from 1982 back to 1972.

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You should go to Amazon and listen to bits and samples of it. You could try finding a local record store that sells used CDs and listen to something before you buy it :headphones: Amazon has some pretty good deals on used CDs. The kicker is that you can't listen to entire songs, but only bits of it. One of the best purchases I made there was a 25 cent e.p. (Naked Soul's Seed). If you're on a tight budget, used is the way to go. With 10 bucks, I bet I can get two CDs and maybe even have the postage included.

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