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40 Year Old $10 Check Now Worth $22,000+

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Check written by Neil Armstrong being auctioned

Tue Jul 14, 12:14 pm ET

AMHERST, N.H. – A check that astronaut Neil Armstrong wrote the morning he blasted off for the moon 40 years ago is being auctioned by a New Hampshire company.

The $10.50 check was for money Armstrong had borrowed from Harold Collins, a NASA manager. According to RR Auction in Amherst, Armstrong wrote it in case anything happened to him on the moon mission, but told Collins not to cash it because he would return.

Armstrong did return — after becoming the first person to walk on the moon.

The online auction runs through Wednesday.

Noah Bradley says he bought the check from Collins' son George about five years ago. Bradley — of Charlottesville, Va., says he was interested partly because Armstrong is one of the most private former astronauts.


( This link will let you see the check/ follow the auction ) http://www.RRAuction.com

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