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Woody Harrelson physically attacks TMZ camera man


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Safe to say Woody Harrelson has no TLC for TMZ.

The actor has once again been caught on camera apparently getting physical with a pesky paparazzo for the gossip site, triggering a police investigation.

According to TMZ, its shutterbug got into Harrelson's personal space at New York's LaGuardia airport, provoking the erstwhile Cheers guy to allegedly smash a camera and throttle the offending photog.

“An individual filed a complaint alleging that the actor Woody Harrelson damaged his camera and pushed it in his face," Ron Marisco, spokesman for the New Port Authority Police, tells E! News.

"We responded to the scene last night at La Guardia but Mr. Harrelson was not there."

Marisco says officers offered medical assistance to the supposedly roughed-up shooter, but he declined. The man filed a police complaint earlier Thursday.

"We're looking into this and we'll investigate to determine if any criminal charges are warranted," Marisco adds. "If there is enough evidence, we'd turn it over to Queens D.A. to pursue it.â€

Harrelson was previously accused of attacking a TMZ cameraman in Los Angeles back in 2006. The L.A. District Attorney's Office investigated the incident at the time but no charges were ever filed, however the photographer did file a $2.5 million lawsuit against Harrelson that is still pending.

We're guessing another one is on its way.


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