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Albums that shaped your life


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After just finishing an article over at CNN of a similar topic, I thought about posting this.

I had similar experiences as referenced in the article - such as the first time I listened to Days of the future past, it really shaped my life a lot, this album bridged my love for the classical music my father listened to and rock music which was already having a major influence on me then. Another one was Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits, that was a huge, huge impact on my life in 1974, I was just getting my first taste of death of a relative, and it was a very comforting album, life was probably the most challenging then than it has ever been in my life since, I was just entering puberty as well. Then Dark side of the moon came in a little later. This one was also very, very big. It was so incredible to me, all the different feelings that I was going though as a teenager at this time, this album was just so meaningful to me on so many levels.

These albums did more to shape my life than any others. And there are many others. But these are extremely significant and hold an incredible emotional impact even still to this day.

p.s. By the way, I love this quote from the article...

Music can be that one thing that can bring a bright spot to anyone's life," said iReporter Crystal Dickson. "Where would we be without it?
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Very cool... :cool:

I have so many albums to list... from The Troggs -first album, the one with the cave in the cover- till Amy Winehouse´s "Black To Black".

Sticky Fingers, Abbey Road, In The Court Of The Crimson King, Atom Heart Mother :bow: Cheap Thrills, Rubber Soul, Parallel Lines, Horses, Blonde On Blonde, Bookends, Bridge Over..., Future Blues, Songs from Beginners, Harvest, Zuma, Their Satanic Majesties Request... I couldn´t stop.

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Roxy Music's Avalon

Depeche Mode's Black Celebration

The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead (or Meat Is Murder)


Other noteworthy albums and compilations:

Bob Sinclar's Cerrone mix album


Cabaret Voltaire's The Crackdown


NewOrder's Low Life


Ultra-Lounge compilations


Japan's Gentlemen Take Polaroids (or Quiet Life)


Suede's Head Music period


Loveholic's F.L.O.R.I.S.T.


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"Waylon and Willie" Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson...1978...Album that got me started listening to country music.

"Scarecrow" John Cougar Mellencamp....1985..Because I was born and raised on a farm,this album put the struggle of the American farmer into music and words.

"Back In Black" AC/DC 1980....I was a huge AC/DC fan,but with the death of Bon Scott,I thought it was over for them. This album proved me wrong. Plus it's just in your face rock and roll.

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