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Does anyone know the story of Layla bym eric Clapton? This is what it means.

George Harrison, guitarist of the Beatles once met a groupie named Patsy Boyd. She loved him and he loved her.

However, George was out of town a lot and while he was, he asked his best friend, Eric Clapton, to take her out into town. He did this a few times, and when George came home from his tour, he was into meditating and spirituality. So while Patsy wanted to party, George was locked up in his room. Clapton took her out a few more times and they fell madly in love with each other. She divorced Harrison and married Clapton. During thetime before George knew, He wrote a song about her named Layla because that was her pet name.

A few months later George Harrison shows up at the weding. When asked if he was sad or angry at Clapton, he said, 'I'd rather her be happy than be with an idiot'.

Ironically enough she and Clapton divorced a few years later.

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In truth, her name is Patti Boyd and she was a model rather than a groupie.


In yet another parallel in the careers of the Beatles and the Stones, Keef nicked Brian's girlfiend when the three of them all went off on holiday together and Brian got ill.

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